Twentieth of June curated by Stove Jesus

Twentieth of June curated by Stove Jesus

when life is bigger than yaself it’s not just about letting people go it’s about allowing people to let go of you making peace can create the illusion of a past becoming unseen what happened isn’t suddenly make believe so please grow into the person you are without me because that’s how life was always meant to be they eyes not watering for ones well being people dried up in deep holes find it hard looking at something they can’t see spirit of god who gave me a job to be greater than the place devils had a king even David sinned against his savior Goliath was a triumph but committed adultery killing of husbands to wife her up read the Bible you can write this stuffed human nature nothing new under the sun except the ground behavior grass was greener when Martin had gina season 5 felt like a taped run bad knees gave heem the distance to take her lunch lord don’t let me waste time today circle of life remain a hula hoop away….


Twentieth of June

Stove Jesus

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