Picture of The Book of Hov

A Visit To The Book of Hov in Brooklyn by Stove Jesus

Traveled from the west coast to Brooklyn to witness The Book of Hov Exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York. Went to the wrong one at first but I had Blueprint playing so it was gucci. After actually putting in the address not only was it worth the road trip it was an inspiring visualization to the rap career of Hov but also the man Shawn Carter. Before you walk in there is a mosaic energy of his lyrics displayed on the front of the building. It was a moment where I almost shed a tear because many of his words are gospel to your own personal life journey especially in the early 2000s. Growing up without a father Jay-z was my father with his words. He has a way of speaking directly to your own life experience with his relatable substance. Wearing my brand walking though out the exhibit had a sense of surrealism as I couldn't believe what I was witnessing in real time. Many people had their phones out capturing what they saw but I was to much in the moment that I captured it all with my imagination. From Reasonable Doubt to 444 you see his growth from Marcy rapper to world icon in his own right. There will never be another Jay-z but there will be countless number of black men and women that have hope because of what Jay-z has accomplished. 

Also shout out to the Beautiful Woman that was handing out The Book of Hov booklets that day! God Bless Queen

Stove Jesus

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