Sophomore Legends curated by Stove Jesus

Sophomore Legends curated by Stove Jesus

cold December shorty name was winter frozen in time I’m lost in mind waiting to be saved like the poltergeist maybe moms is right wrong girl cost more at night what’s the freaking price sorry f**king at luncheons helped me fly a kite beach days smoking peach haze those Atlanta flights I landed twice regretting adultery Christ lord I really liked Melissa’s ford runner escaping thunder wars need a light can you wipe me down rain puddled after taking leaps over edged defeat type writer gotta lot iron deficiency is clearing beef forgiveness ain’t curbed rim kicks watched my leg miss fielding goals paying shorty to strip the pole dirty dancing make sure you don’t shoot ya toe clubbing plaxicos low blood that got jumped in first silly me for seeing April’s work heem a fools fate not having enough swishers for the 20th eighth sophomore legends……..


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