Perception Is The Key To Life curated by Stove Jesus

Perception Is The Key of Life by Stove Jesus

My trials are guilty of the tribulations suffering the suffered what a year of passing by a Lamar Jackson field work in Balitimore had my legs scrambling and dancing think these buttas got me jammed up so when daddy went to see the man about a dog why my son here locked up play a role till you hot enough to face a Cole cold code n*ggas sticking with they guns shooting at whatever to get over one my hurdle isn’t any other interpretation than greatness Harlem Raheem product the same struggle as Moses this prophecy of dropping beats like some vegan speech last time I rocked a jesus piece shorty made sweep as if finishing the cook wasn’t more important insanity pools is how to keep n*ggas above the surface why take a swim deep diver 11th law of power make sure thought can’t survive without a fin more depedence in kinship first question is ya father home just a mother single brother and his siblings the usual a couple stereos black types pumping baseball numbers talking Lebron jumpers my n*ggas spread y’all wings angels is us on god did Hov had the best sh*t till this no risk for my time amen to enslaved rich grace from the most high more stove stops make sure the door locked the new road gone be a trip…

Stove Jesus

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