May Sixth curated by Stove Jesus

May Sixth curated by Stove Jesus

These days starting to become harder than others finally a home but the silence remains the same seem like many more eyes are watching voices have yet to speak maybe it’s me even though I’m not projecting what you seek summers hot the sand spawning tornadoes because of the wind pushing my car I’ve spent the same circles the need of a person continues to run deep within every second could be the finish god before you let me in afford me love outside of the heart I’m carrying inside the hand she wanna hold ears hearing her say these the clothes to fold songs of ya laughs the beauty of her grin a smile is only hidden pain when peace doesn’t exist spiritual beings aligned souls a body doesn’t have to be ya Achilles heal neither does mind truth matter more than lines between intellectual binders lord may you allow her to find me….

Stove Jesus


May 6th

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