Picture inside a Laundromat

Laundry Mats and Dryers by Stove Jesus

I sit inside the laundromat you can find me somewhere in the corner my right leg bent out of shape across my left my imagination off into space the rocket ship is the washer machines the dryers owner collecting pounds of change voices speaking different dialects all around someones Abuela making sure this young man puts his comforter in the better washer so he doesn't flood the cheaper option Im feeling at peace life is happening by the wash each person allowing what is awaiting them after they fold the towels to rest outside the doors kids running up to you "can I show you my game" the kid says his mom smiling knowing she can deal with these clothes without chasing her son racing laundry baskets Im writing scenes of Harlem Raheem using the energy of this place inspiring laughs of my own words I think my clothes are done opening the door of the dryer stuffing my torn laundry bag with my identity same time next week.

Stove Jesus

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