Fayetteville Greatest Might Delete His Later curated by Stove Jesus

Fayetteville Greatest Might Delete His Later curated by Stove Jesus

I beg to differ Cole two painters with different strokes mea culpa Kelly Rowland needed a better soldier the charger had leather seats bit a chrome accessories for instigated meets Billy blanco white boy frontin Brazilan treats pick a side whatever you do is safe with me glad bags zip ties for trash ass jacking stove shorty feet hands and toes moaning quotes I just saw Iverson drop Muggsy Bogues tv rude only for quickies shoot recorded conversations almost had me missing tooth lisp speakers sounds echoed rattling truths inside baseline book of Hov thinking bout making toast fired up bread winners dropping down for a burn of hope rat bastard who bat average a team meant to rain supreme whole crew looking like free merch servitude massa they serving food snake a plain before staking claim that you down n*gga tell me what figure got ya head in scriptures searching for your excuse of ya derangement blessing ain’t no coincidence god said really him too many men thy lie and say thy prophet I ain’t watching my pockets don’t carry cash keep the card homie me and the lord shared a laugh Forest drives please exit the hill of pride dodging sirens durango pushing mangos last cook sweeter than a face cleansed after I sh*tted on you n*ggas de moral eyes of will smith defending alopecia buy eureka who taped over Chris slap hurricanes in ya mothers name revenge of the phone bill scammers deserted trappers dryer than the fart before she came……


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