Broken Crayons curated by Stove Jesus

Broken Crayons curated by Stove Jesus

wondered what it feel like to be the real mike same middle named cousins tree root where the dirt is loose covered in rocks hidden by hands loud colored to eat foods that smother gravy chains playing cards tryna gamble change higher thought equal all the same generationally won’t replace the saying god gifts don’t make one better cleverness coaching defensive competitiveness for whom tryna line ya wild west dancers segregating a chance to separate country from state mortal wounds for daughters whom groom quicker than chin ups on birth dates certified in god rules applied to man never raise yo hell unless you need a la bell for singing lessons check this message in any mode iller than patty me home some call heem chief of cellular phones shorty in green Jordan’s love can I get my quarter back bay packs hers had San Francisco stamps what an American gangster welcome to the party life just ignorant sh*t sorry to any feminist all disrespect to the wife of Walter white errands in Nepal bars colder than peace be up on the mighty son…..


Stove Jesus

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